Ensemble Corund: Lucerne’s professional chamber choir

ensemble corund

Stephen Smith founded the professional chamber choir Ensemble Corund in the 1992/93 concert season. Corund – colour, brilliance, purity, transparency, preciousness, durability, density, resistance, crystalline precision. Corundum, better known as ruby and sapphire, serves equally as name, model and likeness for the professional ensemble from Lucerne. The sacred music of the renaissance and baroque, as well as music of the 20th and 21st centuries form the core of its repertoire; accurate, historically oriented, yet highly expressive and vivacious performance the core of its work.

The musicians of the Ensemble Corund have all made names for themselves as soloists in a variety of styles. They possess sound knowledge of historical performance practice and wide experience as professional ensemble singers and instrumentalists.

They come from a variety of heritages, both from within Switzerland and from abroad. Shared is their love for the ensemble’s repertoire and the striving for a rich, colourful, vital yet homogeneous ensemble sound as vocalists and instrumentalists.

The Ensemble Corund is a welcome guest at festivals and in concerts on both sides of the Atlantic. Its performances are lauded by audiences and critics alike for the well thought-out programming and for their daring music making, full of energy and emotion. Since its founding in 1993, Corund has produced its own concert series, regularly inviting international guest artists to join them. CD recordings with Corund Productions and Dorian Recordings as well as radio broadcasts in Switzerland and abroad round out the concert activities and contribute to the dispersion of the group’s work. — www.corund.ch